Monday, July 13, 2009

Once again... what was I thinking.... at church we sewed our own bag. I know that I have many bags, but I don't have one that I sewed myself!! And I did learn a cool thing.... a french seam. It is a seam that is enclosed. Wow... my mom would be so proud of me!
I still need a cool "something" to put on the pocket that will really make it!


So I found this cute little cookie that resembles a ham-bur-bur as Big Sister would say. We are having a work BBQ and somewhere in my mind, I figured that I had more than enough time to make them??? What was I thinking?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cowgirl up

We love to go to Las Vegas and spend time in the SUNSHINE and time with some of our cousins. We went down there for Big Sisters Birthday and our little cousins first birthday.

The highlight of our trip was eating at Viva Mercados!!! Seriously, this has to be the best mexican food on earth! All the birthday boys and girls wore somberos & ate churros while we sang Happy Birthday. Little sister sure can cut a rug dancing to Happy Birthday. That was the cutest thing to watch.

We also love to spend time in sun and the POOL!!! The sisters think that there is nothing better that "going wimming" We practice our "wimming" in moms tub at home - for hours at a time.

While we were there we got Papa's boots and hats, and our new dresses Grandma made and went got our pictures taken. Cowgirl up!!!

one, a two, a one, two THREE!!!!

Happy birthday big sister!!!!

I can't believe that my little big one is already THREE!!!! She seems to be so big and smart and fun that I can imagine my life without her. Big sister has become quite funny!! She is such a little mommy to not only the Little Sister, but to the mom as well. I guess that we all need a back up sometimes!

Here is my list of Big Sister favs....

1. Your favorite thing to do is to stay up late at night. And believe me, you can do that very well. I think that you will make up for this lack of sleep in your teenage years.

2. Your favorite thing to drink is "toke" Everyone needs a nice toke every once in a while (unless you are three, but somehow.....) Don't worry, she is just like her Daddy and can down a gallon of milk in a mere day or two as well.

3. You love to read, and do puzzles. It is so cute to read (the same books) to you every night and watch you light up. You really are such a smart little girl.

4. You love to go to you Grandmas house. Really, we all know that you love to go anywhere. You are a social butterfly & everyone loves you.

5. You absolutely love your little sister. It is so cute to see my little girls together, playing and having so much fun!!

Happy Birthday Big Sister from all the many people that love you!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my honeys birthday. I wanted to let him know just how much he means to me. Happy Birthday!!!!
Top Ten reasons why I love YOU!!!
1. Because you let me have control of the remote control, even though you know that I will watch "the fatty show" aka The Biggest Loser. Love that show!!
2. Because you pretend to be amused at my stories.
3. Because you willingly get up with the girls at night, time after time. What a dad!!!!
4. Because you let me beat you at cards!!! Whenever we get the chance to play.
5. Because you like to watch chick flicks with me.
6. Because you let me go to bunco, bookclub ... and never say anything.
7. Because you can build just about anything. Look at my house!!!
8. Because you are willing to let me google WebMD and self-diagnois. Well, till you "had" pancreatic cancer. :) good healing!!!
9. Because you let me wake you up every morning to say goodbye.
10. Because you say that you love me, too!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

spring thaw!!

We took a family vacation to St. George. This came after we all needed a blast of sunshine and a break from the wheel of life.
We went to a dedicatory of Dad's great great grandfathers statue, a walk around town, shopping at the outlets, and a little hike just above St. George.
My girls are just getting so big & having the time of their lives being outside in the sunshine. I have to admit that I, too, also like the Golden Rays.
On our little hike, Uncle Doug joked that there were bats. Gracie believes this because she saw an empty orange crush can, and "Bats drink orange toke" Didn't everyone know that?
Everyone needed the nice break from life and to soak in the sunshine!!!! I am sure that we will put our vote in to make this an annual trip!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

merry christmas

All I want for Christmas is two cute little girls. We have had the funnest time with Christmas this year.... and only to get better year after year.

Little Sister has helped decorate our tree (again, and again) but has seemed to really enjoy herself.

The joys of Big Sister were helping to decorate the packages.... with ghosts that say boo & Happy Halloween. A couple of holidays late, but still festive. She also loved taking packages around to the neighbors. She even got some of her presents under the tree to give away.
Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.